What is the most prestigious drink in the world?



What is the most prestigious drink in the world?

Different types of drinks

What is the most valuable fluid?

When it comes to drinks there are several competitors for the position of the most valued. So what is your guess? Is it one of the most famous beverages like Milk, Tea or Coffee? Or else is it a wine, whisky, tequila or Champagne bottle which goes over 1 million dollars? Or is it a drink like “kopi luwak” which is considered to be one of the rarest in the world?

Drink we chose to be the most prestigious in the world is none of the above. Because no other beverage option that can match the qualities and usages of this. That is why we recommend to you WATER as the most prestigious drink in the world. Accually water is The most popular non alcoholic drink in the world

Why water is so important?

Water is one of the main sources which Life on the earth depends on. Although about 71% of the earth surface is covered with water less than 0.3% is usable other 99.7% is in oceans, atmosphere and other unusable sources.


Drinking water and its usages

"Drinking water" is  also known as "potable water". Nearly 1/3rd of your body is consist of water. When it comes to gender wise about 60% of a grown male’s body and about 55% of a grown female’s body weight contain water.

Researches shows that in USA average drink 1L of water per day and 95% of the people drink less than 3L a day.  In normal conditions average women should drink 2.7L and a average man should drink 3L of water to keep body hydrated. These amount varies according to the conditions.

It is important to stay hydrated because a human can survive two three weeks without foods but could only last about three to four days without WATER. If you lose more water than you get you will feel tired, headaches and more. Dehydration causes more serious issues to your physical and cognitive health.

What is the most prestigious drink in the world?



What is the most prestigious drink in the world?

Drinking Water helps you to

1.      keep normal body temperature.
2.      Lubricate your joints.
3.      Protects spinal and sensitive tissues.
4.    Get rid of Waste through urine, perspiration and  bowl movements.

And in conclusion we name The Best Beverage is none other than the WATER and it is the most prestigious drink in the world , which almost all the living organisms depend on.

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