What are permalink, title link and enclosure link on blogger

What are peramlink, title link and enclosure link on blogger 

If you already running a blog on blogger sometimes you may familiar with the terms Permalink, Title link and enclosure link already.

If not just don't worry just log into your blogger account  and goto settings. And under the site feed you will find the title and enclosure links. You can enable it from there.
Settings>site feed>title and enclosure links

Then goto post and create a new post. There you will find a setting icon on the top panel
Settings icon on the post

 and by opening that you can get into settings of your current post and there you will see a drop down menu called links. 
There you will find

Find links on settings


And under it  automatic permalink, custom permalink

When you are writing a post a permalink is normally auto generated by blogger it self. So you don't have to do any thing on that, but if you are not happy with what blogger offers you, You can change the settings to custom permalink and give your post the url you wish.

Title link 

Title link is accually speaks for itself.You can add a link to your title so when a reader click on your title it will open a webpage.

Enclosure link

And under that add  link and add mime type

Enclosure link can be very usefull if you are using podcast or any other audio file on your blog post. Before editing your post upload your audio file to a online storage service like google drive or any other cloud service and make the file public. And then when you are editing your post give your uploaded file's url to the "add link" under enclosure link. Normally blogger will automatically identify the file type you uploaded. If not the case enter the file format to the   "mime type". You can do this to the video files on your post too but it doesn't matter as much because you can upload video files to your blog post directly and blogger will identify it.

Permalink, title link, enclosure link

So in conclusion  after reading the article we think that you have the all the answers for your questions ,

  • What is a permalink ?
  • What is a title link?
  • What is an enclosure link?
  • How to add a permalink to your blog?
  • How to add a title link to your blog?
  • How to add a enclosure link to your blog?

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