Adolescence and its wonders


Adolescence and its wonders

 Adolescence and its wonders

Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. According to World Health Organization the ''period between 10 and 19 years of age'’ is known as adolescence. This adolescence period brings many changes as well as many challenges to youth. Knowing how to overcome the physical, social and emotional changes will help you to cope with the challenges associated with them will shows the wonders of adolescence.

This is the period in your life you experienced most types of challenges such as sports injuries, accidents in daily life, disasters, sexual abuse and more. In this article we hope to explain more about that various challenges you face and wonders of the adolescence.

The main points we considering on this are as follows:

Adolescence and its wonders

Why adolescence is an important period in your life?

Many physical and social changes happens around you because this is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood and as well as this is a special passage in human life. Adolescents are one of the most valuable assets a nation has.

In this period

  • Rapid physical, mental and social changes occur
  • You are ready to take on responsibilities
  • You come up with new ideas.
  • You are ready to explore and experiment


Problems and challenges during adolescence

We can categorize Problems and challenges during adolescence into,

  1. Problems related to nutrition
  2. Problems due to growth and appearance
  3. Problems associated with the development of secondary sexual  characteristics
  4. Problems due to sexuality
  5. Problems due to peer groups
  6. Problems arising from the use of illicit substances
  7. Problems due to education and exam pressure
  8. Problems encountered with the media


Problems related to nutrition

An unbalanced diet, over consumption of food, fast food, a diet high in wheat flour, oil or sugar can lead to obesity and other diseases. Malnutrition also causes many problems at this age. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a balanced diet as well as a nutritious diet with all the nutrients during this time.


Problems due to growth and appearance

Both males and females are concerned about growth and appearance during this period. Many of them compare their body complexion, height, being fat or thin, nature of hair, present of acne with others. Boys may want to increase their physical strength and physical appearance while girls may want to enhance their beauty.


Problems associated with the development of secondary sexual characteristics

Delayed beard growth, less of physical growth and penis size is some problems faced by male adolescents. Among girls, there may be some problems such as voice changes, concern about breast size, appearance problems, menstrual cycle irregularities, menstrual pain and discomfort. Menarche and production of semen depend on various factors such as genetic composition, environment, growth and level of nutrition.

Problems due to sexuality

Myths about sex (e.g. menstruation is considered an unclean period), sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, etc. can be seen as sexual problems. Rape or unintentional sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy can lead to many problems.


Unwanted pregnancy

Many of the physical, mental and social changes that occur during adolescence prepare girls to bear a child in a responsible way in the future. Adolescence is the period where you prepare yourself and continuously grow until about 20 years for this task. Therefore you are not yet ready for it at this point. Even if a girl is physically ready to bear a child Mental and social preparation is needed to become a parent. This preparation varies from one to another depending on your religion, culture and the country you live in. Getting pregnant is a very responsible task. You should not take that responsibility until you have completed your education, attained economic stability and you are ready to bring up a child according to socially accepted norms. Due to poor sexual education, rape and by acting out their feelings instead of rational thinking are the reasons some girls have unwanted pregnancies. Boys who become fathers due to sexual liaisons at an inappropriate age face psychological and social problems.


The following factors can also be caused for pregnancy in adolescence.



Physical changes

Psychological changes or social factors

• Sexual stimulation

• Physical development

• Attraction towards the opposite sex

• Romantic relationships

• Desire to be outstanding

• Desire adult company

• Desire to experiment

• Interest in one’s body

• Ignorance about outcomes of sexual intercourse and pregnancy

• Not being concerned about one’s safety



Problems that arise from unwanted pregnancies

 Undesired difficulties can bring for you and the offspring by becoming a parent before you attain physical, mental, social and financial stability.

Some problems which can occur due to unwanted pregnancies are,

  • Can be isolate from society
  • Early termination of education
  • Uncertainty about your and your child's future
  • Early and forced marriages leading to despair
  • Unhappiness and possible divorce.
  • A baby born under such circumstances might be malnourished and may even die at an early age.


 Hence the society may consider such children as illegitimate and marginalize them, some people perform abortions to avoid unwanted child birth. However, abortion is illegal most countries. Abortions performed illegally and secretly in non-sterile environments can be hazardous to health and even lead to death of the mother. Such illegal abortions are considered an offence and penalized. Under no circumstance can teenage pregnancies be approved. However knowingly or unknowingly if one gets pregnant, help should be sought from parents, close relatives as well as social service agencies without delay.



Problems due to peer groups

Although peer suggestions and attitudes are important at this stage, Unwillingness to go along with them may cause rejection and isolation from the group. But experimenting illicit drugs, alcohol, smoking and engaging in unsuitable sexual activities at this stage can lead many problems. So avoiding such occasions is wise.


 Smoking teens


Problems arising from the use of illicit substances

            Due to use of illicit drugs,

  • One can be rejected by society.
  • Education can be jeopardized.
  • Can be expelled from school or work place.
  • Can be get involved in thefts which can lead to being jailed or sent to probation.
  • Can lead to long term harm to the body or even cause death.
  • Will be banned from taking part in competitive sports


Problems due to education and exam pressure

  • Problems due to education and exam pressure
  • Difficulties in understanding and remembering school works
  • Inability to deal with the broad curriculum in schools.
  • Fear of reactions from parents and society due to failing exams
  • Weaknesses in getting a job due to poor qualifications
  • Existing competitive environment for education

 Stress of studying

Problems encountered with the media

Misleading advertising, new songs, unnecessary drama, unnecessary film and false propaganda may create problems, if you try to experiment with them.


Fit body girl Fit body boy

Physical changes during adolescence of males and females

Changes in males

  • Increase in height, weight and muscle mass
  • Broadening of shoulders
  • Growth of hair in the axillary, chest, pubic and limbs
  • Growth of beard
  • Increase in the size of genitals
  • Production of sperm
  • Adam’s apple (larynx) becomes prominent and Voice becomes deep
  • Development of acne on the face
  • Increase perspiration and body odour

Changes in females

  •  Increase in height, weight and broadening of hips
  •  Development of breasts and skin becomes smooth
  •  Appearance of axillary and pubic hair
  •  Increase in size of genitalia
  •  Development of acne on the face
  •  Increase perspiration and body odour
  •  Start of menstruation and Production of vaginal secretions


Mental and social changes during adolescence

Due to production of FSH and LH hormones by the pituitary gland, oestrogen secreted by the ovaries in females and testosterone secreted by the testes in males many of the physical and mental changes in adolescence occur. The action of these hormones cause secondary sexual characteristics in males and females. Due to these hormones many changes in the reproductive system such as production of sperm and activation of ovaries occur and accelerated growth or a growth spurt is seen. Because of these hormones changes following behaviors can be seen with a teenager.

1. Interest in one’s body

2. Interested in working for the common good

3. Tend to stand up against injustice

4. Desire to experiment

5. Greater creativity

6. Prefers to make independent decisions

7. Desire to display capabilities and be outstanding

8. Interest in the opposite sex

9. Interest in forming romantic relationships

10. Development of sexual feelings

11. Prefer company of adults

12. Interested in aesthetic activities


Good qualities of an adolescent

Adolescent brings many good qualities to once life by using them in a positive manner, you will be able to overcome day today challenges easily.

  • Creativity and exploration
  • Bravery
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Generosity
  • Dedication to and enjoyment of social service
  • Setting an example to peers and young
  • Democracy
  • Fairness
  • Independence and Testing Boundaries


How to overcome challenges encountered during adolescence?

Adolescence is a period in life where many physical, psychological and social changes take place. Hormones of your body and your physical environment have an influence on these changes. To overcome challenges during adolescence, it is important to use your intelligence in a positive manner and develop good social skills.

You can overcome challenges in adolescence,

  • By developing skills in thinking you can make responsible decisions, think in a creative manner,   develop analytical thinking and develop logical thinking.
  • By getting involved in aesthetic activities such as dancing, arts, journalism or singing
  • By seeking an adult’s opinion before venturing out to explore, experiment, test and get involved in  social responsibility projects
  • By Getting involve in religious activities
  • By doing sports, learn methods of self-protection and improve physical fitness
  • By having a good understanding of reproductive health and functions of the human body By reading relevant educational books.


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