8 Fantastic Tips for Managing Household Chores with Arthritis Pain

Top 8 Fantastic Tips for Managing Household Chores with Arthritis Pain

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As an arthritic sufferer, you may have to do daily chores with pain in your joint. Keep reading to find some excellent cleaning tips for the arthritic sufferer!


Are you an Arthritis sufferer? If yes, doing basic home chores might be challenging for you. You may feel it difficult to cope up with your laundry day. Cleaning your home can also be hard as you have to bend. 

Changing your daily life activities and cleaning methods help reduce the stress on your joints, preventing arthritis from getting worsen. Keep reading to find out some fantastic cleaning tips for arthritis sufferers to do your daily tasks with less resistance. 

How to clean home with Arthritis pain: Some excellent cleaning tips for arthritis sufferers

Here’re some amazing cleaning tips for arthritis sufferers to clean their home effectively.

  1. Devise a home cleaning plan: 

Most importantly, you should not perform all the chores in one day. It would be better to divide all your home chores into different days of the week.

Moreover, if you have a home with double storey home, don’t exhaust yourself with carrying cleaning tools. To prevent this issue, you can have different sets of cleaning tools for each storey.

  1. Clean frequently:

Frequent cleaning might seems an absurd tip for you. But it really works. For instance, You can vacuum the path with more traffic frequently to prevent you from the efforts of strict cleaning. Besides, you should remove the stains immediately to prevent more work.

  1. Equip yourself with the right tools:

Choosing the right techniques while cleaning your home can give relief to your arthritic joints. One method to do so is to walk while you vacuum. Otherwise, you would feel an extra burden on your wrists and back. Besides, the right tool can also change your cleaning experience to a greate xtent. Some of the useful tools are:

  • Robotic vacuum: It can be the right vacuum for arthritis sufferers. A robotic vacuum doesn’t need much effort from your side. 

You just have to program it and recharge it. It will start its work immediately according to the programming. Amazingly, it’ll also go to charging automatically when it’s getting out of charge. 

  • Self-propelled vacuum: It’s another best vacuum for arthritis sufferers. It will make your cleaning tasks effortless. You don’t need to push the vacuum giving a big relief to your joints.  
  • Long dustpan: A long broom and long handheld dustpan can make your cleaning tasks easier. It prevents you from frequent bending relieving your joints. 
  • Use cleaning solution: Just imagine you get a stubborn stain on your home floor. How would you clean it? We would advise you to help with the cleaning solution instead of scrubbing with a mop. A cleaning solution can loosen the stain making the cleaning process easy for you.

  1. Use lightweight bed sheet:

Always use lightweight comforts and bedsheets. It’ll help you to make your bed easily and quickly. It would be better to use a bedsheet that can slip easily on your bed. 

  1. Minimize use of stairs

Make the use of stairs minimum. For this purpose, you need to take some essential steps. For instance, you can go for different cleaning tools for different stories of the house. Besides other tools, we would advise you to have a second vacuum, one for the downstairs and the other upstairs.

  1. Divide tasks among family members:

Enlist all the tasks in written form. In this list, you can assign different cleaning tasks to your family members. However, make sure you’re assigning the task according to the person’s capacity. For instance, you can ask your child to help you dust the furniture.

  1. Take frequent breaks:

Cleaning your house is not a race. You don’t need to do all the tasks in one run. It’ll put an extra burden on your joints, making them painful. For instance, if you’re using a vacuum, it’s better to take a break after every 10 minutes. Additionally, make sure you’re walking while using a vacuum. Standing still can aggravate pain in your joints. Secondly, you need more frequent breaks while using a lawnmower.

  1. Switch tasks

Another mistake you make is doing the same task for a long time. For instance, if you’re vacuuming your entire home at once, you’re putting your joints in trouble. Actually, doing the same type of activity means you’re using the same muscles, increasing pain and discomfort. Therefore, it’s better to exchange your tasks with related tasks. For instance, you can vacuum one room and then go into the kitchen for washing dishes. You can also iron your office dress during this time. 

Final Thoughts..!!

No doubt, functional and physical limitations can make home cleaning challenging for the arthritic patient. That’s why; we come up with these excellent cleaning tips for arthritis sufferers to help you know how to clean home with arthritis pain. Manage all your cleaning tasks with effective cleaning. Moreover, you can also take help from different tools to make your everyday cleaning functions easier. 

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