07 Must have tops in your wardrobe for any occasion

When it comes to women, we know how important to have a wardrobe that matches every occasion. But it is hard to choose the best Wardrobe. So to make the task easy, we thought of giving you the best tips on your wardrobe, and as the first step today, we are giving you the 07 must-have tops in your Wardrobe.

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 07 Must have tops (Blouses) in your Wardrobe for any occasion

Most women tend to choose similar kinds of dresses every time they shop. If you look into your dress collection right now, most of you will see many similar dresses. That’s why most of the time feel like you have nothing to wear. And it is very frustrating. So let’s find out what are the best tops you can have in your wardrobe for everyday occasions.

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01. Button-down shirt

It is the best top for almost all occasions. You can have it either with short sleeves or long sleeves. The short sleeves are more suitable for casual occasions, and The long sleeves are more suitable for formal. 

If you are an office woman, a button-down shirt with office trousers or a tight skirt suits you to wear on any formal event or daily office. This top will do best with your high heels for a formal occasion, and shorts or jeans will perfectly match with a button-down shirt for a casual get-together with your family or friends. If you google for Button-down shirts, you will see many celebrities prefer wearing button-down shirts. Therefore having a button-down shirt in your dress collection is a must.

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02. Silk Cami

Most known as an evening dress. Silk Cami is also one of the few blouse types which can wear for almost any occasion. There are different varieties of cami for you to choose from. You can have either up to hip or cropped silk cami with wide strips or narrow strips. Silk Cami is a good going out dress when it paired with a jean. Cami with a built-in bra is more preferred while a smooth-cupped bra will also go well. Having a silk cami in your wardrobe will make you more comfortable when you look for something to wear because it will make you more fashionable and most importantly this trend will not go away for some time.

03. Peplum top

Although it’s been in the fashion world for many years’ still peplum tops are perfect when it comes to flattering your curves. Since peplum too can be paired with almost any kind of dress you have, it is wise to make some room in your wardrobe for this versatile top. It doesn’t matter what occasion you are attending peplum top will always be handy to have.

04. Turtle neck tops

Also known as polo neck, turtle neck tops (most times a Sweater) have a close-fitting collar that fits the neck and that’s why the name. This is also a very versatile top to have in your wardrobe. Because if it is not an occasion which you exactly know what to wear, you can always go for a turtle neck top. But this dress is more suited for a female who wants to show more height and slim figure. But having a turtle neck top in your wardrobe will be helpful.

05. Tie-waist top

If you are more comfortable with your figure. This will be a good choice for your wardrobe. This will give more hourglass shape to your body. Like any other dress in our list, a tie waist top will also suit any event you are going to attend. This can also be paired with your favorite jeans, shorts, or office skirt.

06. Wrap around Blouse

Almost the same as the Tie-waist top. For your office, get-together, party, or any other casual event you can wear a Wraparound Blouse which will showcase the beautiful figure you have. It will suit any time of the day. Better to pair with slack or jeans than skirts. Any wardrobe will be incomplete without a wrap-around blouse in it.

07. Embellished top

If you do not prefer wearing heavy makeup, jewelry, or carrying very shiny handbags. Then this is the perfect top for you. This top comes with shiny pearls, sequins so you don’t need to be extra shiny. Best suited for parties and events like get together. But this will not harm in a casual event too.

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