Diet of a Dialysis Patient - Do and Don't

 Blood transfusion has to be done as a pre-transplant treatment once a patient has a kidney transplant. Blood transfusion means the process of controlling the excretory excretion and maintaining the fluid balance of the body of a patient. Since the diet of a patient is crucial for the success of the blood purifying process, it is most important to take care of the nutrition of the dialysis patient.

Kidney doctor - diet of a dialysis patient - do and don't
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Diet of a Dialysis Patient 

A dialysis machine has to use to cleanse the natural blood supply when the kidneys failed to function. Dialysis patients need to take in the right amount of calories, protein, and fluids each day to stay healthy.


How to plan the diet for a kidney patient on dialysis treatments?

If the dialysis patient is obese or has diabetes, the intake of calories should be limited. We receive energy from the carbohydrates we take. It also helps to control the excess protein intake and thereby control obesity. It is encouraged by renal dietitians to patients on hemodialysis to eat only high-quality protein as they produce fewer wastes. Dialysis patients should have meat, fish, or egg whites with every meal. Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which is very helpful for reducing the risk of heart disease in a dialysis patient. Vegetable oil, olive oil are good for improving your calorie intake.

  • Folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin - D are most important for dialysis patients, and their doctor will recommend them the vitamins, and it is crucial to take them daily. If the patient is Anemic, Iron supplements will also recommend by the doctor.

  • Fruits and foods that contain potassium are very harmful to kidney patients. Therefore controlling the potassium intake is essential. Fruits like bananas, mangos are to be avoided as they are rich in potassium. 

  • These patients also have to be as careful as possible in eating phosphorus-rich foods like dairy products, pork, chicken, nuts, oats, rice, soy, etc. kidney patients need to add only a handful of those foods on medical advice for the main meals.

  • If you don’t have diabetes, sweets, jam, and honey can add to your meal as they don’t add much of a waste to your bloodstream.

It is important to remember that if you are a kidney patient on dialysis treatments,

  • You should avoid foods that contain potassium, phosphorus, and sodium as much as possible.
  • You may feel much better if you limit the liquid you take only to the amount your body needed.
  • You may not get enough vitamins and minerals your body needs as you have to avoid many foods, so you must take the supplements as your doctor recommend.



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